Case Studies

Launched in 2011, we've created dozens of visual search experiences for brands, from in-store installations in shopping centres & pop up shops, to shoppable social feeds on Twitter & Instagram. We can't wait to bring your brand to life with visual search.

Our Expertise

Computer Vision

With over 10 years of developing AI for fashion, we're confident in our algorithms' performance. Reaching accuracies of over 98%, we vigorously test our technology across thousands of brands to make sure it's perfect for you

Shape recognition

Increase conversion by letting your users hone in on what they love about an item. Embed our bespoke software to allow them to filter by shape and pattern


We have off-the-shelf JS widgets, access to our APIs and SDKs, and prebuilt integrations for key retail platforms. The average integration takes less than a day's effort on your side, so there's never a better time to try our tools

Gather data

Snap Vision’s bespoke visual search tools give you full access to conversion rate statistics, sources of inspiration, and users’ engagement patterns and browsing behaviours


Never miss out on a new customer by adding our tools across all your platforms. Our in-house team creates amazing customer experiences for mobile, the web and the real world

User Experience Design

We've created bespoke AI solutions for retails, malls, publishers and social media platforms. We've bundled these experiences and learning into our core products to ensure we're delivering the best of the best