Snap Similar

A button that puts your customer one click away from what they are exactly looking for

The button that lets your readers and customers shop by similar colour and shape

Add our Snap Similar button to your site and allow our visual search algorithm to return results based on colour or shape across your whole inventory.

Ideal for publishers and retailers, Snap Vision’s ‘Snap Similar’ button makes it easier for readers and customers to find exactly what they are looking for, thanks to our unique algorithm.

Showcase all your items

Positioning best-sellers at the top of a webpage makes perfect sense, but the Snap Similar button can maximise profit across your whole catalogue, exposing desirable items that have yet to become big sellers.

The tool gives shoppers the ability to find tempting items similar to those they have already clicked-on, saving them from searching through 20 pages of unsuitable products. The links will always be up to date, dead links will no longer be an issue with the Snap Similar button, increasing customer retention.

No meta tagging needed

The Snap Similar button enables your chosen products to be found by Snap Vision’s visual search algorithm so there’s no need for time consuming meta tagging. However, any items that are tagged incorrectly in a database will also show up in the results.

We can also map the colours and categories back for you so your can ensure your google shopping feed will be fed the correct product features.

Add the Snap Similar button to your emails and newsletters

The Snap Similar button has been shown to boost levels of customer engagement and can add extra shopability to your emails and newsletters too. The button can be easily embedded allowing readers and followers to easily search for items by similar colour, shape and price.