Snap for Editors

Enabling readers to steal a look from a single photo with the Snap the Look widget

Source a killer look from anywhere

Snap Vision’s tool transforms any photograph of a celebrity into a ‘get the look’ feature. The 'Snap the Look' widget can be positioned next to a chosen image to provide a fun and explorative way for readers/customers to find similar items, monetising content.

Easy integration in two clicks

Embedding the Snap The Look is easy. Journalists, influencers and social media experts simply add chosen products to a collection which automatically creates a carousel of shop the look items.

Once created it’s easy to embed in your customer management system, as a HTML script is generated for you. As well as being quick, the feature is lucrative, with all links monetised to you.

Ensure your content stays fresh for longer

Because the ‘Snap It’ button finds fashion items on sale now, it ensures content stays relevant for longer. Readers are able to find clothes inspired by photographs from the red carpet last year, or even Hollywood sirens from the 1950s. The tool will always find an alternative when the original item is out of stock to increase the chance of a sale.