Snap Galleries

Monetise your galleries and lists quickly and easily

An alternative to an ecommerce platform with very little effort

Curating lists and making galleries is time consuming, but monetising them needn’t be. Snap Vision’s visual search algorithm can monetise any content page and offer your readers or customers the opportunity to buy items inspired by your features, lists and galleries. It works brilliantly for in-house magazines and blogs and is a simple way for publishers and bloggers to add another profitable dimension to their work.

Target your audience based on brands and more

Adding a ‘Snap Similar’ button will show readers and customers a range of products that are alike in colour or shape and any purchases made will be tracked back to you. It’s easy to control which fashion brands your readers or customers see, as well as set a budget to suit your audience demographic.

While it’s simple to focus a search and increase the chance of a sale, the button also helps users discover more products that will appeal to them too.

Don’t sweat over broken links

All click-throughs that result in a sale are automatically tracked and monetised to you and there’s no need to manually choose and add links yourself, saving precious time.

Better still, no maintenance is needed and your galleries will never show broken links to old and irrelevant products, because Snap Vision’s ‘Snap Similar’ button will constantly refresh the items it recommends.