Snap for Publishers

Add an ecommerce platform without the hassle and drive product purchasing opportunities from your content

Add an ecommerce platform without the hassle

Adding a new feature for readers that generates extra money for your publication is effortless with Snap Vision’s embeddable toolkit.

Our visual search tools draw upon our product database sourced from 300 top retailers and 16,000+ brands to make your content shoppable without having to install and maintain a full ecommerce platform.

Make your content instantly shoppable

Snap Vision’s Snap for Editors visual search technology allows your readers to buy items inspired by a celebrity’s wardrobe or street style look. All you have to do is choose the items you would like to embed in a carousel, which will effortlessly become a shoppable.

Our clever algorithm will also suggest similar clothes, allowing customers to spend longer on your site and increase the likelihood of you making a sale.

Generating extra content for free

Carefully curated shopping pages are always a big hit with readers, but require knowledge, skill and time to create. Snap Vision’s tools can make these pages shoppable with very little extra effort and automatically generate similar items to the ones chosen by editors in the form of an interactive gallery.

You can filter products by price and select brands to feature to fit your demographic’s preferences, increasing conversion opportunities.

Monetise old content

Whether it’s spring florals or festive faux fur, fashion is cyclical, so why let lovingly created past content go to waste? Snap Vision’s tools can transform an old gallery into a sale today.

Our shoppable galleries automatically weed out sold-out items or those no longer on sale and replace them with similar items to keep past content fresh and relevant for readers who have come across features via social media or Google, for example. No ecommerce back-end is needed, which means no continual maintenance for you.

Benefits & results

  • 13% Click through rate

    Our Click Through Rates average around 13%

  • 3% Conversion rates

    We have an on average 3% conversion rate

  • +50% Increase on AOV

    We also have seen AOV’s from lead to purchase increase by over 50%