Snap for Retailers

We help increase engagement and monetise your content with ease

Showcase all your products effectively

With hundreds or thousands of products on your site, it can be a challenge to promote them all, with hidden or ‘long tail’ products often relegated to page five and beyond and unlikely to be discovered.

But Snap Vision’s toolkit can bring items to the fore that are most likely to tempt shoppers on a case-by-case basis.

For example, using the Snap SDK in your mobile app would allow customers to search by a desired colour, suggesting suitable items and helping them discover matching items, increasing your chances of a sale. Our tools also allow shoppers to browse through your catalogue by shape and only see items that suit their budget, giving them a satisfying shopping experience tailored to their taste and need.

Give your customers instant similar suggestions

Don’t have an app yet? You can embed our visual search technology in your website. Adding our ‘Snap Similar’ button to your product pages will let customers tempting products from your database. Our algorithms analyse the appearance of your stock to recognise items of a similar colour and shape, producing tailored results for customers they are more likely to buy. There’s no need for time consuming manual meta-tagging and less chance of certain items being forgotten and going unsold.

No manual meta-tagging needed

Meta-tagging can be time consuming, but we can make this arduous task a breeze. Our visual search technology automatically assigns tags to ensure no item will be left unclassified in your database and ensuring all your products will be visible in SEO rankings.

Keep customers coming back for more

Blogs keep customers returning for more, whether they include celebrity inspiration or carefully-selected product spreads.

Now you can make your content work harder and become that little bit more addictive using our toolkit. Embed our Snap the Look to make celebrity looks instantly shoppable, or select items to embed in a carousel that will include similar automatically-generated suggestions to keep it fresh. Our tools are designed to ensure your content pages successfully convert customers.

Benefits & Results

  • +100% Time spent on site

    Increase time spent on site by more than 100%. Customers using Snap Vision’s tools spend twice as long browsing products online.

  • +33% Conversion rates

    Grow conversion rates by 33% by increasing customer engagement and product specific discoverability. Shoppers using Snap’s visual search tools typically look at six extra products from a website, including usually hidden items.

  • +6 Products engaged

    A user performing a Snap will engage with a further 6 products on your site; from the most popular to well-hidden long tail items that we know they’ll love.