Snap Shop

A one-stop solution to make your content shoppable

A complete ecommerce platform powered by visual search

Compelling content is precious and we can make it even more valuable. Snap Vision can build and power an ecommerce platform that sits within your website or blog to make the fashion items you curate instantly shoppable, giving you another revenue stream.

Your online shop your way

Snap Vision has launched a Shop for Westfield and Look Magazine tailored to their needs, and we could do the same for you, whether you’re a forward-looking blogger or publishing giant.

Solutions could include adding Snap Vision’s colour wheel search tool and ‘Snap Similar’ button, front-end web development, your own hosting architecture, web crawlers for affiliate platforms, and cross platform capabilities so your content can be clearly read anywhere.

Boost product discovery

A bespoke ecommerce platform would let you showcase products from our prestigious collection of more than 300 top retailers representing 16,000 brands and hand-pick those that will most appeal to your demographic.

Because the platform is driven by visual search, it allows your readers to find items that appeal most to them.