Shoppable galleries and articles for InStyle readers powered by visual search

The challenge: Instantly shoppable editorial galleries

InStyle magazine is known for its shopping articles and galleries. But while ‘Get the Look’ articles are popular, they do not usually allow people to buy the outfits they see – or similar items that are available and suit their budget.

The Solution: Snap Galleries

Using Snap Vision visual search technology, InStyle readers can now shop similar items on the high street.

InStyle’s editors can create shoppable galleries by simply using the Snap Galleries widget when creating the online galleries which saves time in creation and monetising the links. Editors do not have to find the links themselves and add their affiliate ID to ensure the sales are tracked.



High engagement increase, with time spent on Marie Claire article being over 10 minutes in most of the cases.

+30% Conversion

Increased conversion rates over 30%.

High impactSocial media

Additional benefit of social media engagement impact during London Fashion Week