Snap Similar and visual search functions increased sales in Oasis’ online store

The Challenge: Not enough engagement

With 300 Stores across the UK and 79 international flagships, Oasis is one of Britain’s best-loved fashion brands.

But while shoppers loved getting their fashion fix on the high street, Oasis approached Snap Vision to increase customer engagement and sales on its website.

The Solution

We added the ‘Snap Similar’ button to Oasis’ online shop, transforming it into a next-generation visual search tool.

The Snap Similar button allows customers to find similar items from the Oasis inventory, particularly when items are out of stock.


+100% Engagement

Adding Snap Vision’s visual search tools to the Oasis website boosted customer engagement on the site doubling the time spent browsing by 100%.

+33% Conversion

The visual search addition also increased on-site conversion by up to 33%. Site conversion from traffic to sale went up by 33%.

+6 Discoverability

Customers who used Snap Vision’s tools on the site looked at six extra products on the site, from the most popular to well-hidden ‘long tail’ items.